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Party Needs Stuff and Services:

Preparing a party can be very stressful at times. You need to contact various suppliers just to complete all items listed. By doing so, you already waste not just your money, but time as well. Why not get in touch with somebody who can give you all you need? Visit Clea’s Closet and let us help you according to your specific requirements.

> Personalized Cakes

D85 D86 Dedication cake Dedication cake2 Disney Princess1 Dedication cake3 Disney Princess3 Spongebob THE CARS Cupcakes Tom n' Jerry Dedication cake5 C1 photo 1 3 layer fondant 01 Snow white Dedication cake4 Spiderman Shoe BEN10 Jungle photo 2 Spiderman Spiderman4 DC9 Princess2 photo 2 D14 D15 #cake #cleascloset D17 D18 #cake #cleascloset #cake #cleascloset #princess #cake #cleascloset #avengers W3 D19 D22 D21 D25 D24 D26 D27 D28 Spongebob2 D31 D32 Frozen cake Under the sea D39 D40 D44 D42 D37 Pineapple carrot Flag of Israel barbie2 Frozen cake4 Spiderman6 Frozen cake3 Spiderman5 Olaf Chicken Theme D45 D46 D47 D48 D49 Selena W4 D52 75th Basketball Mickey1 Princess3 Seaside1 W5 D51 D53 D54 THE CARS2 Debut1 D58 D59 D60 D61 D62 D63 Plants vs zombies1 Seaside Green6 Plants vs zombies2 C3 Farm2 D64 W7 Hello Kitty D65 D69 D70 D71 D72 D66 D67 Whipped cream Sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberry filling Frozen cake6 W8 D73B D74 D75 Graduation Cake1 D79 Pacman Redhorse cake1 Frozen cake7 D80 D81 D82 D83 D84 Dora1 D88 D89 D90 D92 D97 D98 D99 D94 D95 D96 W9 W10 D100 D102A D103 D104 D105 D101 Frozen8 Batman Pink and Blue Mango Loco D106 D107 D108 D109 D110 D111 D114 D115 D116 D117 D118 D119 D120 D112 D122 Chocolate cake with choco shavings and butterscotch2 1 3 Overload with whipped cream Frozen9 Frozen8 Spiderman9 Hello Kitty4 Ariel2 Hello Kitty2 Ariel1 W11 Beer1 Cherry Blossom D123 carrot2 D124 D125 D126 D127 D128 D129 D130 D131 D132 D133 D134 D135 6 7 8 9 Angel Doremon Book-themed cake GOKU Hello Kitty 5 Letter K Little Red RidingHood1 Minions Minnie2 Sofia the 1st Tennis C4 C5 THE CARS3  D136 D137 D138 D139 D140 D141 D142 D143 D144 D145 D146 D147 D148 D152 Basketball2Debut2 Frozen cake8 Menorah Minions2 Minnie3 Play Cards Pooh1 Superman1 Spiderman10 THE TRANSFORMERS Tinkerbell THE CARS4 Tom n' Jerry2 11 12 C8 C7 Lighted Wedding Cake Aqua blue & green D153 15 16 13 14 Minnie4 D154 D155 D156 D157 D158 D159 D160 D165 D166 D167 Black Board Debut3 Ezra Minions3 Mariposa2 Sofia the 1st3 Spiderman11 Handy Manny 17 18 D168 D169 D170 D171 D172 Sofia the 1st 4 Iron Man1 Safari1 Minions4 Music Basketball3 Disney Princess5 Sofia the 1st 8 Sofia the 1st5 Sofia the 1st6 Sofia the 1st7 Mariposa3 Spongebob3 Spongebob4 THE CARS5 D173 D174 D175 D176 D177 D178 D179 D180 C10 C11 C12 C9 W12 W13 Hello Kitty 6 Minions5 Little Pony1 Frozen cake10 Superman2 D181 D182 D183 D184 D185 D186 d187 D188 D189 D190 D191 D192 D193 D196 D197 D198 22 19 20 21 Drum BEN10 2 Frozen11 Maersk Mickey3 Mickey4 NBA Rainbow1 Superman4 Superman3 W17 W18 W19 W16 W27 D212 D213 D214 D206 D207 D208 D209 D210 D211 Graduation Cake2Pono Numbercake2 Nautical1 D9 D8 Wedding Cake Dedication Cake3 C1 Disney Princesses1 Gourmet1 G2 Numbercake1 Mobilephone1 Cinderella1 D1 13288080_1318774631472012_1414570343_o Frozen2 Themed Cake1 THE CARS Spongebob Sofia1 Minions1  Kitchen1 Frozen Dora Debut1 Birthday Cake Barbie1 13282381_1319543094728499_670448367_o 13214716_1318194041530071_7370385_o Wedding Cake2 D25 D26 D27 D28 D29 D20 Basketball1 candyland1 Captain Hook2 Casino1 Flower Birthday Cake Garden1 Guitar1 Frozen3 Ironman Frozen5 Power Rangers Rooster1 Safari1 Soccer2 Ninja turtle2 Sofia5 Spiderman1 Supergirl1 Teachers1 Travel inspired2 THE CARS4 THE CARS2 d34 d35 d36 d37 d38 d39 d40 d41 d42 d43 d44 d45 flower-birthday-cake2 frozen7 frozen8 frozen9 golden1 guitar1 hello-kitty1 hello-kitty2 hello-kitty3 jollibee1 kitty1 little-mermaid1 mickey1 shirt1 seaside1 spiderman4 sofia8 the-cars5 the-cars6 tinkerbell1 tinkerbell4 cowboy1 cowboy2 engagement-cake1 wedding-cake3 wedding-cake4 wedding-cake5 aqua-blue caramel-de-leche-flan cookies-n-cream2                           

>Customized Cupcakes & Cookies

Bride Groom Hello Kitty Olaf Beach theme Channel bag elephant Girl LongChamp seaside Themed cupcake1 Themed cupcake2 Themed cupcake3 Themed cupcake4 Themed cupcake5 Themed cupcake6 Themed cupcake7 Themed cupcake8 Themed cupcake9 Tom and Jerry Tom Wedding choco glaze wd royal icing flower G7 Frozen cupcake Under the sea cupcakes Bear1 Bert1 Garden1 Owl1 Tea time yellow1 with snicker Carrot Cake overload with whipped cream Overload father's day cupcakes2 Minnie cookies Gummy bear cookies Sofia Hello kitty2 Minions1 Minnie3 Minnie4 overload with whipped cream Play cards Cokkie Monster Anniversary cupcakes Minnie5 with snicker flower2 Minions3 candy cup COC Spongebob flower3 iron man pony1 Christmas2 Christmas1 14 13 9 20 15 Flower cupcake with stem 7 6 25 Cupcake bouquet 22 21 flower4 Wedding1 13271524_1318194064863402_459193759_o (1) frozen3 helllo-kitty1 helllo-kitty2 little-mermaid mickey1 mickey2 music1 rainbow1 rooster1 spiderman1 wedding3 smurf

> Chocolate Fountain – 2,500 (4 dippings)

choco fondue Chocolate Fountain Dessert Station1

> Food Carts

– Tempura — 1,800 (100 sticks)

– Popcorn — 1,000 (50 packs)

– Ice cream — 2,000 (with Frosting & Sprinkles)

– French Fries — 2,000 (60 pax, 2 flavors)

– Hotdog — 1,000 (60 pax)

– Potato Tornado — 2,000, (60 pax)

– Sweet Corn Kernel — 1,500 (50 pax)

– Corn on a Cob — 1,500 (50 pax)

– Siomai — 1,500 (50 pcs.)

– Kropek — 1,000 (100 packs)

– Cookie — 2,000 (4 varieties, 60 pax)



> Balloons – 220/doz Stick Balloon , 270/doz. Flying Balloon

– Arch, Column and Pillar Balloons (prices vary according to size and design)


WEBSITE1  Photo-2850

– Centerpiece Balloons (price ranges from 100-500)

B23 Centerpiece1 Cake Arch1


> Party Hats ( Pre-printed 5/pc, Customized 10/pc.)


Character Party Pull w/ Candies

party pull


> Character Standee Rentals – 500 /pc.

Ariel Barney Batman Betty Boop Dora Minnie Spiderman Strawberry shortcake Tinkerbell Toy Story


> Party Booths

– Mini-mall  – 3,500

– Kiddie Salon – 3,500 (50 pax)

– Game Booths – 1,500 (2 booths) / 3,000 (4 booths)

dart game  * spin a wheel * basketball * ring toss

– Face Painting – 1,500 (30 pax)

– Cake Station – 3,500 (5 gourmet cake varieties)

– DIY Cupcake Station – 3,500 ( Butter cream or Whipped Cream, 4 gourmet flavors, 100 pcs)

– 2,500 (boiled icing, 4 flavors, 100 pcs)

 * Chocolate Overload      * Mango Loco      * Cookies N’ Cream       * Lemon Lust               * Caramel Drizzle
 * Coconut Blitz                 * Candy Cup        * Red Ruby                    * Tres Leches              * Pineapple Carrot  * Clouds n’ Heaven          * Neapoliotan      * Rainbow                      * Mint Chocolate          * Tiramisu
 * Milky Yema                    * Sansrival           * Banana Choco Chips  * Brazo                        * S’mores                * Blackout                         * Vanilla cream puff                                          

– Candy Station – 4,000 (10 candy varieties)

* Crystal candies                 * Chocolate bars                * Jelly ace                * Stick-O                 * Nips
* Gummies                           * Bubble gum                     * Lollipop                * Sour belt              * Marshmallows

– REGULAR Dessert Station – 5,000 (60 pax) / 8,000 (100 pax) —  8″ soft icing themed cake, 5 dessert varieties with Table Lights, Themed Backdrop, Table Cloth & Decors

 * Cupcake             * Brownie Bites             * S’mores                       * Cookies                  * Cake Bars                  * Trifle                   * Cake Pops                 * Sweet Nut Cups

– LUSCIOUS Dessert Station – 10,000 (60 pax) / 15,000 (100 pax) —10″ soft icing gourmet cake,  5 dessert varieties with Table Lights, Themed Backdrop, Table Cloth & Decors

* Black Sambo          * Mango Pandan          * Leche Flan             * Fruit Salad             * Cream de Fruta                     * Refrigerator Cake                  * Window Cathedral                 * Maja Blanca                 * Chocolate Bread Pudding

> Party Rentals

– Kiddie tables and chairs – 700/set (with table cloth, and centerpiece)

Venue Set-up only – price range 5,000 – up (depending on design)





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