Latest fashion accessory for this year

It is already hard-wired in our system to go along with the hottest trends in the markets. The newest style and what’s hot and not in the fashion industry. And as much as possible we would want to put our hands into what’s in the souk. Well if you really want to rule out the fashion, then the clothes aren’t enough since the world of fashion is not limited only on the clothes. It includes a variety of items too, ranging from shoes to belts and other things. Fashion accessory is very essential too! Listed below are some of latest fashion accessories for this year:

312Fashionable Totes and Handbags

A hint of tribal touches! Those bright colorful tote bags would surely make a statement, especially those with embellished details. The shiny leather handbags also create an impact and the textured ones will create an appeal. It would really feel great to have these super trendy totes and bags to contain all your things.

Pumps and Wedges

Sure it wouldn’t hurt to have a few inches of additional height. Ranging from the classic black to the snakeskin, these fashionable pieces would really make you hit the floor!


From the simple cotton to the flowing silk and cashmere, these versatile and chic scarves would really add style to any outfit. Worn over a shirt, openly draped around the neck or simply wrapped loosely, it can be worn in different styles in any season. It could be worn as a headband too!

Floral fetishes

Floral designs are still in this year! Though last year was all about the “floral-for-all-seasons” style, this year is a bit smaller in scale. I’m talking about micro-printed, shrunken, and repetitive; these make a big difference in one’s style.

DSC_5975Fashion Jewelry

Bubble rings, disparate bangles and mesh style bracelets are in. They may be piled together and coming in bright and funky colors.

Give yourself a new look by trying on a different style. Fashion can mean anything as long as you are comfortable and confident with what you don. Do not be afraid to make a twist, it’s a matter of how you project oneself.

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a token for our seminar facilitator. Can you please send me pictures of your products and lists of prices? Thanks.

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