Birthday cakes

3 layer fondant As a child, our birthdays will never be complete without the cake. You may take away the ice cream and even the gifts, but not the themed cake. Having to blow the candle with eyes closed while making a wish is something magical. I believe most of the mothers out there, if not all; make their children believe that they’ll get what they wish for by blowing candles on the cake.

In my case, I’m not only fascinated with “wishes” because I am more enthralled with the cake itself. Obviously, one of the reasons behind the birth of this shop is my interest on baking. I love anything that has something to do with decorating. Although I’m not that good, at least I showed some improvements every time I bake. The most important thing here is that I learn something new every day. There is no room for mediocrity especially in this competitive world that we are in. To help me stay on top, I painstakingly research on new trends. I visit a lot of related sites just to get tips on cake decorating. Indeed, I find it very useful since I get regular updates on how to decorate cakes.

For those aspiring bakers, do not be afraid to explore on new ideas. Be creative, most of all be persistent. Who knows, one of your cakes might be featured in wedding exhibits someday.

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  1. hello can i see some cakes designs? i would maybe order for my son’s 4th birthday. thank you

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